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The video materials here represent a wide range of elements relative to our Product and Services. Performance Clips include a variety of visual and musical examples drawn from various academic and performance settings. Materials used in these perfomance examples are the exclusive property of the original copyright owner and are not reproduced for the purpose of sale or re-sale by this company.


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Get to know to our director - Glenn Cockrell



Video List


Title: Choir and Show Production Numbers
Description: Educational Music Services - Show Choir and Musical Productions. A Video Medley of Costume, Set and Choreographic samples from my experience in the classroom.
Title: Concert Ensembles and Choral Conducting
Description: We have over 26 years of choral ensemble experience and classroom vocal pedagogy.
Title: Custom Medley Concepts
Description: When creating a competitive show choir set, or putting together a thematic stage show, custom medley’s are a must. Here is Touch of Class, “America’s Favorite Show Choir 2011” with some examples of how to put together Custom Medley Concepts.
Title: Glenn Cockrell Live (Voice Over)
Description: Vocal Talent in a live entertainment setting doesn't get a second take. It has to be there the first time every time. When the lights go down and the curtain rises make sure your moment happens right on cue.
Title: Movie Trailer Demo (Voice Over)
Description: The classic movie trailer is among the most recognizable trademarks in voice over artistry. So here's a fun film clip...just remember the voice!
Title: Promotional Video (Voice Over)
Description: Here is a promotional welcome video designed to encourage student enrollment and participation in the school band program.
Title: Spectrum Pro Music Welcome Video
Description: Get to know us and our services. Then let us know how we can help you make your creative vision come alive!